Androlix is Powertek's premier pro hypertrophy agent formulated to add slabs of thick dense muscle to any physique. This formula was designed with the extreme athlete in mind, an individual looking to drastically increase strength, power, and aggression in the gym. Androlix is the strongest mass ...
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If your looking to add lean quality muscle mass while chiseling out your physique with granite hard conditioning then this formula may be for you. XytoDren was created for the individual looking to add lean hard muscle while shredding down to single digit body fat levels , thus achieving a comple...
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Power Surge

It's game day, it's time to step up to the bar and show the world what you’ve worked so hard for. As athletes, we understand the importance of showing up when it matters.

When the lights are on, the bar is loaded and records are ready to be shattered. At Powertek we are athletic-min...

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