PURE - 24hr Detox, Rejuvenation & Total Wellness Patch

PURE is the first of its kind! A 24hr Total detox and wellness patch, cleanses the entire blood stream and major organs( kidney, liver etc). No need to drink down syrupy liquids or swallow down pills, with PURE you simply peel, stick and go. Pure also rejuvenates the entire body providing a le...


SWAGRXXX Male/Female Enhancement Pill


SWAGRXXX  is the first of its kind!! Safe for both males and females! Confidence is a key factor in the bedroom, so make sure to have that Swag when the time is right ..

Take your sexual experience to the next level!





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PhytoBalance Complete Fruits & Greens Formula

PhytoBalance is a complete Fruits and Greens Formulation with an added blend of pharma-grade branch chain amino acids. This formula is amazing for any individual looking to improve overall health and wellness as well as increase recovery from strenuous workouts. There are thousands of phytonutrie...
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TheraGuard is a proprietary pain relief formula, containing Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) and powerful pain relieving anti-inflammatory herbs.  The reason for use of DMSO, aside from its already potent anti-inflammatory properties, is its unrivaled ability to penetrate th...

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