Torch FatBurner - 60 Capsules

Torch is a fat burning, energy-producing and mood lifting product. The active ingredients include extracted forms of, Denrobium, Green Tea, Citrus Aurantium and Yohimbe.

Together this combination of ingredients provide for a noticeable increase in energy levels as well as an immediate l...

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PURE - 24hr Detox, Rejuvenation & Total Wellness Patch

PURE is the first of its kind! A 24hr Total detox and wellness patch, cleanses the entire blood stream and major organs( kidney, liver etc). No need to drink down syrupy liquids or swallow down pills, with PURE you simply peel, stick and go. Pure also rejuvenates the entire body providing a le...


MRP7 -Ultra Premium Protein Formula (30 Servings)

MRP7 combines seven different proteins to fuel your body for a full four hours. Proteins are digested at different rates, therefore by combining different proteins, you can enjoy an immediate, medium, and extended source of nutrition as your body breaks protein down into amino...

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TestFire - Pharma Engineered Testosterone Booster


Are you looking to put on lean hard muscle mass?

Or find an alternative to hormone therapy ? 

TestFire is the product for anyone who wants to put on lean muscle tissue , increase training performance in the gym as well as enhance their recovery and libido . The main driv...

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StenaVar - Pro Recomp Agent Muscle building and Fat loss

StenaVar- Pro Recomp Agent 

•Build muscle 

•Burn fat

Pro re-composition agent for a lean hard / chiseled physique 

•100% safe and natural 

•Female friendly 

•Can be used continuously up to 16 weeks with zero suppression. A 4 week break is recommended a...

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